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Buy Instagram followers

The Instagram became one of the biggest social networks in the market, next to Facebook and Twitter. However, just like any other company, it needs to generate profits to continue offering the possibilities for consumers. That’s exactly why there’s some time it updated the advertisements that are displayed to users, now they can show videos, and this time with even more content.

Until recently companies could advertise with videos of up to 30 seconds on Instagram, but now the company decided to do an update and enable a whole minute or 60 seconds.

The company revealed that it is a way to conquer more advertisers, since it is offering more flexibility for them to create their content. The interesting thing is that the news is coming very close to the Super Bowl, and some large advertisers are already enjoying, like Warner Brothers and T-Mobile.

With the possibility of making videos of up to 1 minute, advertisers can create more creative content to network users, and so maybe tell the “story” about your product in a less pedantic.

Unfortunately consumers are unhappy about it, since some would very much like to write longer videos, only users can only shoot content of up to 15 seconds. Will the Instagram is offering more space to advertisers than the users themselves?

After reports that the feature was in tests, Instagram officially announced that is free to all users support for multiple accounts. Starting this week, fans of the social network will be able to log into multiple accounts at the same time and easily switch between them via the app for Android and iPhone.

To use multiple accounts on Instagram, you need the latest version of the application of paragraph 7.15. The support may not be immediately available after you download the update, but once the Instagram release on the server side, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the feature.

If your device is already with the novelty, simply add the new profiles in the settings menu and choose the desired user name at the top of the page. So, you can switch between accounts anytime. The profile photo appears in several places in the application, so it’s pretty easy to know which account is being used at the moment. This will also occur in the notification, that is, it will always be possible to know easily what the accounts are getting a notification.