The Tennessee Center for Policy Research has once again found that Former VP Al Gore is a giant energy whore.

By using public records back in 2006, they found that Al Gore consumed nearly 221,000 KWH of electricity.

So the Gores installed 33 solar panels, a geothermal heating and cooling system,compact florescent bulbs,insulated windows and doors, thermal insulation and now buy their electricity from renewable sources such as wind power (massive killer of birds), solar power, or waste-to-energy systems.

The Gores now only suck down 213,210 KWH of juice a year, or roughly the same amount as 232 average American households do in a month.

To quote Drew Johnson of The Tennessee Center for Policy Research “Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.”

He must have added some kind of hydroponic grow system in there as well………

Hey Al………Quit bogarting all the power.

0 Responses to Al Gore’s energy use through the solar powered roof

  1. avatar Carl Overmyer says:

    Oh, now that’s a surprise, isn’t it!

    Gorebal Warming…only the little people need to shrink their usage.

    For the record, I might agree with Ed Bagley, but I respect him. He does what he says others should do and leads humbly by example.

  2. avatar anon says:

    LOL…so using what the average American uses in a MONTH and comparing it to what Gore uses in a YEAR just so one can arrive at a sensationalistic “232 times” figure amounts to serious debate?

    Not quite.

    Additionally, I fail to see how Gore’s power consumption makes him a hypocrite. He’s a successful businessman and former Vice President who owns a large home and significant piece of real estate. I know you worship the free market Thomas…so why can’t Mr. Gore be successful?

  3. avatar Carl Overmyer says:

    I need to correct myself, it should have said, “I might NOT agree with Ed…”

    OK, so Al Gore uses about 19 times the average family per month. Since he travels so much, how often is he or the family actualy there? I have no clue, but I bet I spend a lot more days at home than they do!

  4. avatar Vern Nelson says:

    …Or how about “Al Gore uses roughly as much energy in a month as one-and-a-half average households do in a year?” Nah, doesn’t sound dramatic enough.

    Assuming the rest of the methodology here is correct. Not off to a good start.

    Still, it’s enough to make you think everything he says in his movie and speeches must be a lie, huh?


  5. avatar junior says:

    “Al Gore said that global warming is more serious than terrorism. Unless the terrorist is on your plane, then that extra half a degree doesn’t bother you so much.” –Jay Leno

  6. avatar Bill says:

    Thomas, your monthly v. annual stats are disingenuous and, frankly, beneath you. You really are better than that. There is one other thing not mentioned in your post, and it is documented. The energy Mr. Gore buys comes from the TVA’s Green Power Switch Program and is generated by renewable sources such as wind, solar, and methane gas. Oh, and he pays extra for it.

  7. avatar mary says:

    Poor people are the greenest. They usually ride a bike, walk or take public transportation. They grow their own food. And they are most likely utilizing passive energy.

    Smart and wealthy people are transitioning to green but are paying “big time” to make it easier. These innovators are test driving all the new technology for the rest of the world.

    We are going through the next revolution. And it is green.

  8. avatar Ben Daniel says:

    When it comes to energy use Al Gore may or may not be a hypocrite, but I fail to see how that has anything to do with whether or not he’s right about global warming.

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