The insanity that is SAUSD is again rearing its ugly head.

After laying off hundreds of part-time classified employees, mostly classroom instructional aides, SAUSD will rehire them along with 26 full-time clerks, library technicians, health aides and other classified employees according to a SAUSD press release issued today.

SAUSD has said that the part-time employees will regain full medical benefits.

District staff and the classified employees union worked on a plan to save nearly $2 million in costs, which will allow the district to rehire the 374 employees and give them all full medical benefits.

Tonight’s school board agenda, where this will take place can be found here.

Would it not have been better for all parties involved, and most of all the children, if this had taken place prior to the termination of these employees?

Is this really more about scoring points for re-election than it is about the kids or the staff needed to adequately train these young adults for the real world?

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0 Responses to SAUSD to rehire fired employees

  1. avatar anon says:


    You’d be a fine addition to the school board.
    File ASAP.

  2. avatar anon says:

    That’s right, cynicism in the face of a positive development. That’s the spirit!

  3. avatar anon says:


    You are clueless.

  4. avatar anonyms says:

    Either the School Board or the Classified Employees could turn this agreement down. If I was one of the laid off employees I’d be at both the School Board Meeting and the Union Meeting to speak for the agreement and try to make sure that it doesn’t go up in smoke.

  5. avatar Older than says:

    Before one can become a hero by slaying dragons, one must first create the dragon. A premise well known to politicians and union leaders. Heroes just restored a bunch of jobs, right? Hmmm, imagine that.

  6. avatar anon says:


    Astute observation.

    That’s why it’s important to slay the dragon makers on Nov. 4. Do not vote for Richardson or
    Hernandez. These two dragon makers do not belong on the school board.

    In addition, it might be a good idea to slay the head of the dragon – Miguel Pulido.

  7. avatar Anon says:

    Rumors floating around the district are that these ‘restored’ health benefits will be either HMO or Kaiser. The PPO program is not included. Also the rumor is that these jobs will still have to take a number of days off without pay each year. Can anyone confirm or dispute these rumors?

  8. avatar SAUSDTeacher says:

    I’m glad to hear there are deals in the works, but upset again that any of this had to happen in the first place. Is anybody surprised about this? It’s so similar to what they did when they RIFed 573 teachers and ended up laying off less than 100 of those RIFed… I don’t tell my students I’m giving them all Fs before I enter their grades and calculate the percentages, I do my work and get the facts BEFORE I alarm anybody. Whatever their reasons are for doing it, it shows a lack of respect for the people that make this district work and who actually serve hands-on with the kids. How much can they value us if they treat us this way before finding out if there’s anything else they could possibly do, before they rain down the gloom and doom and thoroughly destroy moral?

  9. avatar anon says:


    You make the Kaiser & the HMO’s sound like a curse. Part of the fiscal problems facing the district are the out of control health costs. This matter should have been addressed years ago. Kaiser and HMO’s offerings are fine.

    Don’t get hung up on the battle; focus on the war.

  10. avatar Classified says:

    I have PPO and I want to keep it.. Don’t tell me that I don’t get a choice either. Do I want Kaiser? NO. So maybe It’s ok for you #9 and that is fine but maybe it’s not ok for others.. Yeah..I better get a choice.

  11. avatar anonyms says:

    #10, thats right and if you dont get yours then nobody gets theirs and half the non teaching positions are fired. Good choice you selfish pig!

  12. avatar anon says:

    ok so i’m confused…who exactly is getting their job back? will they be receiving certified letters in the mail ala pink slip? the ocregister article said that there would be 35 positions, including library techs, but last time i counted there were over 35 library tech positions…so only some schools get a library?

  13. avatar anon says:


    Your sense of “entitlement” is astonishing as well as the selfishness alluded to by poster #11.

  14. avatar Certificated says:

    Hey no need for the name calling number 11. Why can’t these people keep what they want? I hear that the people who got lay off notices will be asked to choose Kaiser with a PPO. I hear the others will have to pay higher for their med Insurance. I don’t know if that is true… I work at a middle school and I just our people to have the same rights as we do. I that asking too much?

  15. avatar anon says:


    Since when is medical insurance a “right?”

    I also find your statement .. “why can’t these people keep what they want?” utterly selfish and ignorant. Once again entitlement rears its ugly head. If you aren’t getting what you want, you’re free to seek employment elsewhere. School districts are public entities, supported by tax dollars. And as you know the State is 1.)is operating without a budget and 2.) the State is overextended. What make you believe you can make such demands?

    Don’t get me wrong, the school district has been disingenious in its treatment of Classified, but this is not the first time they’ve walked all over Classified. Classified’s mistake was allowing them to bulldoze them in the first place.
    Recapturing power can be difficult and taking the position that you’re “entitled to what you want” is not the best tactic.

    The way I see it, health insurance options have been provided by the district and that’s a good thing.

  16. avatar L25 says:

    I was told about this site at my school. very intersting..I wish there were more people on this site to hear about what they think. Anyway, thanks for the interesting reading. I am one of these people who are affected by this cut. I have been told that we will know more info by the time school starts. I wish everyone else good luck who have been affected by this. I was lucky enough to have found another job. More hey for me it worked out. I hope the others get to keep their job and things turn out fine. If they call me back.I have to turn it down.

  17. avatar anon says:

    Why is Camille Boden taking over the Benefits Dept? She must be the most qualified person to take away Benefits from unsuspecting employees. That makes perfect sense from the SAUSD point of view.

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