Looks like Valerie Amezcua is holding onto a fragile lead in the Santa Ana Unified School Board election, over Roman Reyna.  They both are seeking the third and final seat.

Current vote totals show Valerie with 9757 votes to Roman’s 9741 votes.

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14 Responses to Nail Biter in SAUSD race

  1. avatar Anonyms says:

    I hate it when the two candidates, who would have come in one and two if not for incumbency, have to fight it out for third. They are on the same side – the ‘change’ side. Apparently that’s another memo the voters of Santa Ana didn’t get, because change didn’t come to Santa Ana this year. Hmmm, maybe they didn’t get the other memo and still believe that Reep politics of division stuff too. This would explain alot.

  2. avatar 843 says:

    Just 57 votes until Al Amezuca experiences complete and utter failure.

  3. avatar cook says:

    Left to count

    5122 vbm

    56936 blu/whi pros

    1182 paper

    63240 total estimated left to count

    This 63,240 is for the entire county, but in downtown SA almost half the votes were these paper, blue and white pro’s and vbm drop offs.

    It sure looks like going to that pancake breakfast for the high schools really paid off for Reyna.

  4. avatar SA Resident says:

    If Reyna takes the lead it has nothing to do with pancake breakfasts. It was all about ballot location. Nothing more.

  5. avatar oclover says:

    wow VAlerie Amezcua is a JOKE…….has anyone taken a look on what kind of mother this woman his she just let he 16 YEAR OLD SON get a SOCAL tattoo on his forearms….this is lovely ……wonder whats next this woman will do?

  6. avatar Art Pedroza says:


    Is that true? Do you know this for a fact? Tattoos are popular today, at any rate, so unless this tattoo has something to do with gangs, who cares?

  7. avatar Rick says:

    Roman takes the lead by 25 Votes as of today Saturday 11-15-08

  8. avatar cook says:

    It must be the power of the pancake.

  9. Tattoos are art. Go over it people. Those of us with ink aren’t all gangsters and WWII sailors, you know… or Popeye for that matter. ;)


  10. avatar Rick says:

    As Of Last Night,Reyna now ahead by 44 votes

  11. avatar cook says:

    up by 61 pancakes now, please pass the syrup.

  12. avatar Rick says:

    i only have sugar-free

  13. avatar Rick says:

    Reyna has a 65 Vote lead as of last night

  14. As of the 23rd Roman Reyna is up by 70 votes.
    Congrats Roman!

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