Ever notice how when the shit hits the fan (yeah! I can swear over here!) that the whistleblower is immediately discredited? So I’m only going to devote one post to this issue:

Art Pedroza is not what he appears to be.

Art likes to talk about his generous nature and his desire to ‘help the little guy,’ but what he really does is take advantage of vulnerable people for his own personal gain and then uses those vulnerabilities against them when it’s time to throw them away.

I know. I was warned… repeatedly. Pedroza will burn you, Pedroza will use you. To those who tried to tell me, know that I was always suspect of Art Pedroza, but unfortunately, Art will now attempt to use that fact to plant the paranoia label on me. So be it. There is such a thing as a healthy dose of paranoia, and in this case, well… we’re talking about Art Pedroza. I knew this day would come.

Apparently, Thomas Gordon dropped the nuclear bomb on OJ and though there was little destruction, the radiation continues to spread. I don’t know all of the details that went on behind the scenes, but I know this:

Sal Tinajero wants to run unopposed in 2010. Sal Tinajero was working behind the scenes to help get Art elected.

This was facilitated by Sean Mill, who is now apparently being forced off of the Santa Ana planning commission.

I resigned as Art’s campaign manager for medical reasons, but also because I couldn’t sell out to the machine.

Thomas wants to run in Ward 6. I was considering a run in Ward 2.

The usual suspects wanted OJ destroyed and whether the Juice Family liked it or not, I was its de facto leader while Art was campaigning.

I’m having personal issues which have nothing to do with my ability to blog other than the fact that I obviously relied too heavily on OJ as an escape from my demons. Lesson learned.

Vern Nelson complained about bringing me back over there as an editor, so Art declared without my knowledge that I decided that the post that originally exonerated him would be my last. That was not the arrangement. Another Pedroza lie designed to do one thing: make him look like the victim in all of this. Just like Thomas Gordon, he’s not.

None of these facts make me ‘crazy.’ They make Art Pedroza and Thomas Gordon sociopaths. You can’t manipulate crazy people because they’re too unpredictable – and I was manipulated. Thomas and Art took advantage of me because they knew they could count on my loyalty and honesty… until I caught them with their hands in the cookie jar. Now it’s just another game of ‘Subjugate the Whistleblower.’

Connect the dots for yourself… because I’m done being in the middle of their war. I’m out. It’s not my fight and I don’t even care who wins.

Carl Overmyer and I will still be here covering the happenings on in OC and anywhere else of interest. He and I both concentrate on social commentary, so if anybody else would like to join our team to help us provide more local coverage, please email me at editor@thecentristoc.com.


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